Podium Bash

Podium Bash is a local multiplayer VR game for the HTC Vive. In Podium Bash the player in VR stands upon the top of a podium and is tasked with remaining on top of it for as long as possible, armed only with a bat and a shield. Up to 4 other players can then use Xbox controllers to take control of a cannon to fire balls at the VR player to knock him off the podium.
You can watch the trailer for Podium Bash below.



When will it be released?

It was released into Early Access on Steam on the 2nd November 2017.

What platforms will it be available on?

It will be available for PC on Steam.

What VR headsets does it support?

The game was developed for the HTC Vive but can also be used with the Oculus Rift and Touch controllers.

How much does it cost?

While the game is in early access it will cost $5.99. Upon full release the game will cost $9.99.

Can I play on my own?

Yes! you can add between 1 and 4 AI players to control the cannons.

I’ve found a bug in the game, what do I do?

If you come across a bug or issue, please send am email to feedback@feistycrabstudios.com with as much information as you can give. We’ll try our best to get the issue fixed for the next update.

Can I give other feedback?

Of course! We’d love to hear any feedback you have. You can email to feedback@feistycrabstudios.com