Previous Games

Corrie Barton – Shape Wars

Shape Wars was a Worms clone Corrie made to improve his skills in both Unity and 2D games in general. It was a turn based game with a few different weapons and a stamina system to prevent players doing too many actions in one turn.

Sam Perriton-Branch – Stinky Pete and The Quest for Sustenance

Stinky Pete was a small game made to aid Sam in the improvement of his 3D modelling. It was also used to give him a platform to explore writing custom shaders in Unity. The game was a small treasure hunt in which the items you were looking for would be randomly spawned in different places all over the map.

Jake Holland – Battle Ships

Battle Ships was a two player 3rd person naval battle game in which you would use ship cannons and torpedoes as well as an assortment of powerups to sink your opponent’s battleship. It was made to help improve and refine Jakes unity development skills as well as creating custom meshes and textures.