Cell Mate

During early 2017 we took part in Paint Jam this jam instead of a theme had one key rule, all art assets for the game had to be created in Microsoft Paint; We loved this idea as it gave a chance for some really quirky graphics. There were also a series of challenges that could be completed by a submission such as “make all your sound effect by saying stuff into a mic” and “make a 3D game only using flat images”. Of the possible challenges we completed “use only comic sans for any in-game font”, “make all your sound effect by saying stuff into a mic” and “draw your assets without a drawing tablet”. This jam went really well for us overall as our entry ranked 4th out of 27 entries with our entry also being ranked 1st in the sound category. As we didn’t find out about this jam until quite late into it our submission, Cell Mate, was made in only 3 hours.; It can be played on our itch here.

Cell Mate is an infinite side scrolling game similar to Copter, in which you play as a red blood cell and you have to avoid nasty green germs. Along the way you can pick up pills that give you little white blood cell friends that orbit you and act like a shield against the germs. You score points by lasting for as long as you can but be careful the game gets harder to longer you live!